What can I do to make this anxiety or stress go away?

By November 16, 2017News

An understandably common question for people who come to see me.  Life stressors, whether they be from family, relationships, physical health, work or mental health take over and can feel all-consuming at times.  Given the variety of those stressors there is no 5 Tops tips to Freedom within this post!  Some points to consider:

  • Go back to basics: Am I setting a routine that supports eating, sleeping and connection with others?
  • Acknowledge that as a human being on this earth you are going to feel stressed at times and right now is tough – there are solutions, perhaps not unearthed yet, to tap in to.
  • Step outside and look at nature or pat an animal (a friendly one of course!)

Remember every person is different. There is so much more that psychology can offer to support you with your stress and/or anxiety. Consider contacting Iris Psychology on 0411 59 44 21 or your regular GP for support.


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