Responses to Parenting Questions – Part 1

By November 23, 2017News

When working with people who care for children there are always a raft of questions across a variety of topics and there are a few common threads.  I’m highlighting a couple of these questions and some resources which provide you with more information.

How do I build up a healthy self-esteem in my child?

We all want the best for our children and have been told that praise is a good way to ensure they step into the world in a positive and confident way. Thanks to research, scientists have identified some important elements to providing praise. The following links provide good research based examples of this:

Fidget toys as school – Should we use them?

Good question! My fellow psychologist Barb Kelly (Clinical Psychology Registrar) asked the same in a recent post. Have a look for yourself on her thoughts

I feel this is one of those times when the decision really requires the input of the parent, school, and psychologist working together to decide if it is the right support for the child at that point in time.  As Barb shared, movement is an important part of being able to learn.

All the very best on your parenting journey.

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